About US

Welcome to FraAlliance, a joint venture between Fraport and Lufthansa, aimed at revolutionizing the travel experience at Frankfurt Airport. Our vision is to provide guests with Europe’s smoothest transfer and best intermodal travel experience. We design individual, sustainable, and innovative products and services, to make FRA Terminal 1 the #1 choice.

Work Areas

The passenger is at the center of everything we do. In order to develop Hub FRA, we focus on seven different action fields.

The basis for our projects is understanding relevant trends as well as current and future traveler needs along the journey! By prioritizing seamless interactions and personalized engagement, we aim to create memorable experiences that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

1+1=3! We design new and attractive offers for our passengers at FRA, joining forces in marketing and communication and thus growing revenues by connecting the most relevant partners within Lufthansa and Fraport.

We design efficient and state-of-the-art processes for local and transfer passengers from all over the world, ensuring efficient ground handling, coordinating security measures, and providing essential services to passengers, all aimed at ensuring safe and smooth operations within the airport environment.

A modern and developing infrastructure is the key to operating a successful hub. At FRA, we aim to make the most out of our existing infrastructure by continuously enhancing it and thus making it fit for the future.

To collectively decarbonize the ground operations and contribute to all ESG goals, sustainability is one of the focus-topics of our scope of work.

To set a global benchmark for connecting passengers worldwide, we aim to improve and expand the options for transferring between various transport modes, such as train and buses, to and from flights.

We provide added value by creating data and use-case-driven, customized IT Products & Services on our own secured IT Platform, thus pushing digital business transformation along the entire passenger journey.


Along our seven action fields we have a variety of projects that range from innovative concepts to real implementation of very concrete measures.

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Meet our team - With a diverse range of skills and experiences, we work collaboratively to deliver exceptional results.

We are a small group of dedicated individuals who are passionate about improving the customer experience at Hub FRA. Our Team is equally staffed with former Lufthansa and Fraport employees.

Meet the team

You are passionate about creating a unique passenger experience? You enjoy developing innovative products, services, and complex processes for the benefit of passengers, the airline and the airport? You are looking forward to start working in a multifunctional team? Join us.